The August edition of the lifestyle magazine features one of Ghana’s strong spirited entrepreneur.

Abdulai Sakra has always being an inspiring leader and has always made sure things are done properly by taking up the first step as an example for his subordinates to follow. As inspiring as he is, he is the Founder and CEO of Zionite Group of Companies underpinned by the brand Zionite. Zionite Group is made up of twelve (12) successful businesses which are currently operating, and amongst these businesses is Zionite Mass Media; Zionite Radio, Zionite TV, Zionite Photography and Zionite Media Institute.

Amongst these 12 businesses also include Real Estate, Clearing and Forwarding and a Travel and Tour Agency. His establishment of this media empire is as a result of his mission to widen the scope of media personnel in the country; Professional Journalists, Professional Radio and TV Broadcasters, Radio and TV Presenters, Professional Photographers and the likes.

He is of the greatest believe that for the world to be well informed as to the real happenings of the economy whether good or bad requires nothing but professionals which include but not limited to Professional Journalists to clearly track the progress of every government with no bias and updating the mass to allow them make well analyzed decisions, and Professional Photographers to clearly project the unseen visuals of the world’s reality.

He also established this media empire with the purpose of giving voices to the voiceless; individuals whose contributions to the development of the nation at large are not heard just because they are denied the opportunity or platform to give out their submissions His achievements are undeniably in line with his vision and mission for establishing Zionite Mass Media.

His established media empire has undoubtedly gained several recognitions from several dignitaries, entertainment gurus and has also attracted several partnership deals from well recognized bodies.
Obtaining all these achievements has not been easy.

His beginnings have been humble yet very difficult as he started his career of entrepreneurship by selling ice water, kerosene and mobile phones on the streets of Circle to survive. Sleeping on the streets of Circle was not an option as he got more determined to battle all his obstacles to obtain all that he has today. The road for him really has not been easy.

Amongst his community projects embarked on as a young individual with these massive achievement has been the cleaning of the environs of Nungua Boade. This project was inspired by the malaria outbreak in the community.

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