Church Branding, Visual Identity and The Misrepresentation by Nigeria’s Ace Brand Strategist CJ Benjamin

The enclave of Dove, Fire, Cross… I see a lot of mishap in this terrain. It’s either the “set men” do not understand the personage of the Church, Divine ‘organigram’/Godhead (of which the believer is a shareholder), the truth which is Christ or they decided to cloud the organizational typeface with purported religiosity.

None of the symbols the Church uses defines the essence of the Church but rather preposterous and irrelevant! Irrelevant, i repeat!I Write from my office, not just as a brand strategist but as one with the mandate to speak forth #wisdom and #knowledge towards the activation of destinies in Christ. So make no mistake about it, this is not a colloquial JAB! Neither do i have time for conduit attack.

Most of y’all preachers are gradually aligning to preaching Christ, but your projection/perception of the same is flawed.If you apply organizational and corporate intelligence to most Churches visual identity it would be termed as strict failure.You misrepresent Christ. You misrepresent the Church.Your Visual Identity has no atom of truth!! You are careless and lazy in interpretation. You think you can tell a graphic designer to pick and image from Google and inscribe something on it! Stop the mess!JUST IN: In this interface, you don’t just work with a graphic artist, you work with a strategist and an artist. Unless One is Both.

Even some of your church names are Flawed! Ardent tautology! Chopping knuckles with spiritual illiteracy. Selling raw materials instead of refined revelation. I thought Christ is the mystery of God revealed? Somebody says ”God gave me the name” lol You got to calm down! You downloaded 5kb of 20MB File. You do not appreciate expertise; neither do you pay for it. You like to do it anyhow, you lack excellence.

Excellence is not preached! Excellence is shown!I learn’t most churches don’t hire a firm to deliver high-end stuff for them, they raise a ”committee”, this committee comprises committed members and not experts. Ideas here are relayed from common sense not based on industry intelligence and critical reasoning. Phew! This is not the case of faithful men who can become ABLE. There is what’s called specialized intelligence. God is an intelligentsia, you must appreciate that.Meanwhile, if you are a brand strategist reading this, please raise your awareness.

You need diverse intelligence to function in this field. Spiritual and circular. Never under rate what you if you know your onions. If you do, your delivery will be a limited edition. No serious minded strategist and brand consulting firm delivers only logo to an organization. So what happens to other touch points? You have to care about rendering and application. What happens to internal systems and structures.

Have a Consultation session before execution. And don’t forget, everything should have a budget. And you don’t buy lamborghini with your own budget, you buy a lambo with the marketing cost.

This is not a book.

I call You Blessed!


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