Cities and Nations – To brand or not to brand?

Cities and nations – To brand or not to brand?

Place branding has been a relevant subject for quite some time. Councils, localities, cities and even nations have developed their own identity systems in an attempt to re-organise their structures and bring together their own local stories into a visual language.

In 2019, the city of Oslo has launched their own rebrand.

As part of a natural progression from their older logo and design guideline created nearly 100 years ago, the city has launched a new simplified logo based on the original ‘heritage symbol’ and a set of contextual guidelines meant to be applied to every public space, signage, way-finding elements and public departments, in an attempt to bring a sense of cohesion to all their departments and structure.

Many would say that a locality, being an ever-changing field of personalities and stories should not be defined by one single identity, but in my personal opinion, a very well defined, yet flexible identity can emphasise the culture of the place, improve recognisability, as well as vastly enhance the UX experience of its users.

Are you a fan of place branding? Do you agree with it?


Source: Mario Alcantara Monteiro (Linkedin)

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