Eastern Region Youth CEOs Featured in the Lifestyle Magazine Issue.

We welcome you to the platform for the next generational youth entrepreneur. As the year begun with the wide spread of the novel Coronavirus, affecting the worlds economy and companies closing down, many have lost their jobs due to this. But in the midst of all this some individuals have still been able to still keep their businesses running with innovations and its for this reason we
have been a contributing factor to the success of the region and the country as a whole.

It is an acknowledgement and appreciation of the these outstanding youth leaders who introduce innovation and lead the change in business growth. The nomination of these distinguished youth (men and women) is in relation to their hard works, innovations, dedication and accomplishments as leaders of their teams which continues to inspire the next generation of youth entrepreneurs in the region.

Celebrating the youth in the industry is a way to say thank you and also to commend these individuals on their bravery. it’s always better to celebrate people whilst they are alive than dead.

This led our team at AJ Willz Media to enlist some individuals who have played major roles and youth and young CEOs in the region, making the region and vibrant environment for more youth development through their ability of creating startups of their own.

Read more about these amazing youths…..

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